"We had asked Iris to coach those organisations or persons interested in one-on-one sessions, and this throughout the 3 days of our Annual General Assembly in Vilnius. Our members were asked to come with specific issues, problems, questions for Iris to coach them about." Hans

"We contacted Iris due to her track record and our previous experiences with her in other LGBTI non-profit organisations. We were looking to provide a professional service to our members, during the Annual General Assembly. As all our members are non-profit organisations of which many function on volunteer base, we know from experience that this is not always easy and comes with a very particular set of challenges. "

Hans De Meyer, President of EPOA – European Pride Organisers Association aisbl, 27 mei 2014

– “Everyone who used Iris’ services was very happy and satisfied with the outcome. We are grateful for her support and her professional aid. Iris is a true professional, with an enormous amount of patience, positive attitude and the insight of always being able to see solutions instead of problems. We are convinced that some of the members may even continue using x-anders in the future, as most likely will we. Hans De Meyer, President of EPOA – European Pride Organisers Association aisbl

– “Niet alleen is Iris als mens een zeer prettig persoon om moeilijke situaties of uitdagingen mee te delen, als professional biedt ze hiervoor een uitstekend oor en komt met zeer creatieve, maar ook die oplossingen die eigenlijk voor de hand lagen, maar niemand ooit aan dacht. Een perfecte derde persoon om met een vernieuwende en frisse blik naar Uw interne problematiek te kijken.”  Robert Thewessen, bestuurslid van de Berlin Pride en de European Pride Organisers Association

– “We really appreciated Iris as a coach and thought she was very supportive and helpful. She quickly understood our problems and gave us concrete advice on how to deal with them. We thought Iris had a sympathetic approach and that she was a good listener who easily could identify and formulate our challenges.” Therése Oskarsson, member of the E.P.O.A. Board and Verksamhetskoordinator, West Pride Göteborg


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